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The West of Shetland - an area of ocean on the edge of the continental shelf - is characterised by extreme environmental conditions such as wind, wave, temperature and water depth. This combined with the lack of established natural gas infrastructure, makes projects in the area extremely challenging. Despite these challenges, TOTAL E&P UK Ltd has established a significant portfolio of exploration and development interests in the West of Shetland area.

Our main development project in the area is the Laggan discovery - a medium-sized gas field, which lies in 600 metres of water, 125km north-west of the Shetland Islands. TOTAL, as operator, along with the Laggan partners is currently reviewing potential development concepts for the field, with a view to moving towards project sanction in September 2009.

Building on Laggan as a core area in the West of Shetland, the Tormore well was drilled in 2007 to discover a small to medium sized gas field, also in 600 metres of water, 16km south-west of the Laggan field.

TOTAL E&P UK is a member of the West of Shetland TaskForce that was established as part of the UK Government’s Department of Trade and Industry’s Energy Policy Review, in July 2006. The Department of Trade and Industry has now become the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

TOTAL’s partners in these fields are Chevron, Eni and DONG.

The TaskForce was established to identify whether there is an economic collective solution for the development of hydrocarbons west of the Shetland Islands. It is estimated by DECC that the West of Shetland area represents about 17% of the UK’s remaining oil and gas resource base and could contribute up to 6% of the UK's gas requirements by 2015.